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IV & V Services

The PEACOMM approach to IV & V is to:
  • Develop IV & V plans based on the customer's expectations.
  • Allocate the best resources based on the type of IV & V expectations.
  • Procure or develop tools needed for the effort.
  • Perform in-depth technical analyses.
  • Keep the customer informed about the progress and findings.
  • Monitor and report trends.
  • Standard tools like Telelogic and Logicscope are used for IV & V.

Independent Verification and Validation

Independent Verification and Validation is a reliable and trusted way to ensure that the system is being developed as per requirements of the customer and with sound engineering practices.

More than a mere quality assurance, IV & V performs in-depth technical analyses of the products and the processes of system development. It also advises the customers when signs of problems begin to surface so that plans can be put in place to deal with the situations. More importantly, IV & V acts as an independent unit without any bias, which adds objectivity to their analyses.

PEACOMM has a strong IV & V team which verifies various aspects of system development process and artifacts. One or more IV & V member(s) is associated with the development team throughout the development cycle.

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