About Peacomm Technologies

About Peacomm Technologies

Peacomm Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is a new company established with a view to design, development and specialize in the production of highly secured consumer electronics and Custom Built Hardware and software Solutions for Mission Critical Applications.

Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art technologies for the Consumer Electronics, Defence, Navy, Aero Space, Railways, Automotive and Home Land Security Sectors.

We deliver turnkey solutions in the design and development of customized Embedded Electronics in any field of above sectors in critical areas.

PEACOMM is headed by a team of eminent professionals who have decades of experience in the field of Embedded Technology and Soft Skills.

In record time we have developed a complete Home Automation Integrated to Security and Fire Control Systems connecting to the Smart Phones. Peacomm has the strength to take up various prestigious projects of Indian Defence, Navy and Space Programmes.

Our professionals understand the client's requirements and are able to create solutions based on their specifications and our core strengths brings efficient solutions within the desired time frames for every project.

Peacomm has qualified and trained manpower working in Embedded Systems, RF, FPGA and DSP based systems; Device Drivers, BSPs, UIs, Firmware and Application Software Development.

  • Why PEACOMM ?

    1. Proof-of-concept / demo system for emerging technologies / standards

    2. Early pinout release (before RTL coding) favoring concurrent board development

    3. Design with optimal area

    4. First pass timing closure

    5. Consistent high quality design

  • Why choose PEACOMM ?

    Several Terra bytes of knowledge base: The embedded design portfolio at PEACOMM is a wealth of knowledge with 1000 man years of Board Design experience and expertise in configuring customized solutions with a short life cycle. Be it a Consumer Electronics, Naval & Defence Design, Automotive, Space or Industrial Designs, the engineers at PEACOMM are up to the task of configuring customized COTS technologies and reusable IPs.

Peacomm Advantages

  • Unmatched expertise for FPGA development
  • Quick prototyping services to deliver a proof-of-concept to showcase to customers
  • Vast vertical domain centric system development expertise
  • Rich experience in complex high density designs
  • Predictable timing closure
  • Accurate optimal device selection
  • The processes are perfected for concurrent system development
  • Highest level of experience in Altera and Xilinx Devices
  • Abundant Resources of Re-usable IP's reducing design life cycle.
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